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A Nutrient Dense Meal Replacement Hack

The Honey HackTM

The Honey HackTM is a meal replacement technique that can be utilized after the 11th day starting the 12th day on the Optima Diet whereby 1 to 2 meals of the day are replaced solely with 3 tablespoons of Optima Sprayed Raw Honey.

Honey is considered to be a nutrient dense food source because of the high concentration of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fructose and glucose relative to its actual mass or weight. Consequently, consuming such a food provides significantly more energy from a smaller quantity of food. The less food mass the body has to process, then the less energy it has to use in that processing. The only problem with this food source is its high sugar content which if not properly handled by the body can lead to elevated glucose levels in the blood.  The Optima Diet, however, removes the damaging foods which corrupt the body’s ability to handle and process sugar allowing the body to regain its inherent capacity to utilize sugar in a pure, natural unadulterated way.  

All human and animal brains use sugar (Glucose) 100% as their primary and ONLY fuel source.

Glucose as fuel

Glucose is a type of sugar which comes predominantly from starchy foods (bread, rice, pasta and potatoes) as well as fruits, juices, honey, jams and table sugar. The body can break down the digestible carbohydrates in these foods into glucose, which is transported in the bloodstream to the brain and other organs for energy. The body tightly regulates blood glucose levels; this is known as glucose homeostasis. A process called gluconeogenesis allows the body to make its own glucose from the building blocks of protein and fat. Glucose can be stored in form of glycogen in the liver and to a somewhat lesser extent in the muscle. Glycogen forms an energy reserve that can be quickly mobilized to meet a sudden need for glucose (physical exercise), but also when glucose intake from food is insufficient (during fasting, for example), the body can get glucose by breaking down its glycogen stores. Liver glycogen is nearly depleted 12 to 18 hours after eating, overnight fasting, for example, after which the body relies more on energy from breaking down fats.

The energy needs of the brain

The human brain is made up of a dense network of neurons, or nerve cells, which are constantly active — even during sleep. To obtain the energy needed to sustain this activity, the brain depends on a continuous supply of glucose from the bloodstream. A healthy diet should provide 45-60% of total energy from carbohydrates.1 A normal weight adult requires 200 g of glucose per day, two-thirds of which (about 130 g) is specifically needed by the brain to cover its glucose needs.

The brain competes with the rest of the body for glucose when levels dip very low — such as during starvation. By tightly controlling its share of glucose under these conditions, the brain can maintain its high level of activity. It does this through two main mechanisms: first, by drawing glucose directly from the blood when its cells are low on energy; and second, by limiting the amount of glucose available to the rest of the body so that there is more available to the brain.2,3 These mechanisms are essential for survival. Unlike muscles (including the heart), and the liver, the brain cannot use fatty acids directly for fuel.”

“The brain is dependent on sugar as its main fuel,” says Vera Novak, MD, PhD, an HMS associate professor of medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. “It cannot be without it.”

Therefore, contrary to the fear mongering claims about the toxicity of sugar created by the western medical industrial establishment including modern day fitness and sports communities, sugar is a critical fuel source for all brain functioning.

The problem does not lie with the sugar molecule itself, the problem lies with the body’s ability to process and handle the sugar molecule in a way that allows it to be utilized by the brain, muscles and other bodily tissues and then eliminated from the body in an innocuous fashion and not retained in the bloodstream. The number one cause leading to the body damage preventing it from properly handling the sugar molecule is the consumption of Non-Optima approved foods, such as, all forms of meat, all forms of animal dairy, wheat, gluten, most fruits, most grains, most vegetables, most nuts and most legumes. The consumption of these NON-OPTIMA foods damages the body’s internal nuclear electronic SPIN potential which reduces its absolute energy reserve capacity. This energy reserve is the source of the energy required to properly handle and process the sole molecule necessary to run your onboard neuronal computer processor called the brain.

Removing these foods from the diet for 12 days on the Optima Diet while using the Optima Cream and Spray restores full nuclear electron SPIN capacity to the body necessary to process and handle the glucose molecule when it’s in a liquid or gel like state as found in honey. Twelve days is not sufficient, however, to handle the fruits and other foods allowed after the 28 day mark on the Optima Diet. It takes more time for the internal cellular SPIN to build up when less than optimal nutrient dense foods are consumed. In other words, honey is a nutrient dense food but fruit is not as much of a nutrient dense food relative to honey. It takes more total energy to properly process and handle fruit as a food source, so that excess sugar and waste metabolites do not accumulate in the body after consumption.

Typically, even Diabetics (Type 1 and Type 2) can use the Honey HackTM  starting on day 12 of the Optima Diet, as long as, they have been using the Optima Cream and have been Optima spraying their food, supplements and drinks for an equal amount of time and their sugar levels have completely normalized. It’s also recommended by HoloMed, that they receive approval from their primary care or internal medicine physician prior to starting any type of dietary modification to their medically approved and medically prescribed diabetic diet and/or diabetic medications.

Therefore, after 11 days starting on the 12th day of the Optima Diet meal replacement with Honey can rapidly boost the body reserve energy capacity or Kidney Qi which drives overall cellular metabolism, thereby, improving organ, gland, brain, hair, skin, nail, sexual and other bodily functions. Rapid anti-aging effects can be observed within a few days of implementing the Honey HackTM. Dramatic energy gains are also noticed along with deep “coma- like” sleep states being achieved. Deeper sleep leads to increased muscular strength, super-computer memory and eagle eye vision gains, Michelin star level taste and smell improvements and over-all magnified bodily function and performance enhancements.

The Honey HackTM super-illuminates the HoloImage template causing body fat to literally melt away even in highly resistant areas of the body like behind the upper arm triceps, lower abdomen tummy, male pectoral chest and back of the thigh cellulite regions. It also drives increased lean muscle mass production naturally without having to add in resistance training through higher pixel density while restoring optimal body shape including lifted breasts, more shapely calves, tighter lifted neck, face, buttocks, and stomach and even restored hairlines. Body aging is caused by the loss of holographic pixel density or pixel definition when the body is understood to just be a holographic image. If the Body Hologram can be re-illuminated through the use of super-illuminating and metabolically recharging foods, supplements, creams and compounds the holographic image projected from that Hologram will be more highly resolute which means there is greater pixel density at the surface of the body aka skin, hair, nail levels similar to going from a 2k movie or 2k TV screen to a 4k or 8k movie or 4k or 8k TV screen in visual acuity terms.

HoloGraphic Universe


Advanced Physics Explanation for the HoloGraphic Universe


The Honey HackTM drives the super-illumination of the HoloImage which more rapidly creates these physical material body changes in 3 dimensional tissue form. Through the conservation of energy principle absolute body battery energy levels can be and are re-pleated faster compared to even eating 3 meals of Optima approved foods daily.

The HoloImage is the Holographic Cymatic Blueprint stored at the electromagnetic interface between the visible material world and the unseen frequency based wavelength world.


Left: Trilobite, early Cambrian, circa 526 million years. Right ‘Cymatic Trilobite’

Left: Starfish, Ordovician Era, circa 450 million years. Right ‘Cymatic Starfish’

Please watch this video about Cymatics....this indicates, with a high degree of probability, that quantum fields (Holographic Blueprints) exist before physical body material form can be created.

The problem as an adult human or animal is that our body mass is exponentially greater than when we were developing embryos in our mother’s womb. A developing embryo uses very little energy to grow and maintain what existing body tissue is already present, and therefore, substantial energy reserve capacity is present to fund or drive further HoloImage conversion into greater and greater and more accurately templated body size, shape and form. An adult human or animal already has huge metabolic demands just maintaining its existing bodily tissues, let alone sufficient reserve capacity, necessary to re-project lost bodily tissues. That’s why the Optima Diet, Optima Cream and Optima Spray are required to support the body’s regenerative and restorative Holographic Cymatic projection back into a healthier, younger, renewed state. The Honey HackTM takes this one step further and exponentially “jump gaps” metabolic deficiencies blocking or preventing one’s ability to holographically re-project themselves, and their body, back into a renewed state of health, vigor and youth.

In combination with the Optima Diet, Optima Cream and Optima Spray a person can               Bio-Honey HackTM their way back to a developing embryo’s state of metabolic “Super-JuJu” that catapults one into the holographic fountain of youth. The Honey HackTM puts US one step closer to gaining full mastery over our consciousness, as manifested through, our body, brain, life, diseases and ultimately OPTIMA health.

The Honey Hack: Welcome
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