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             CREAM - SPRAY

                           DIRECTIONS FOR OPTIMUM USE         


STEP 1: Select your Age and Gender Specific MINDVIBE profile from the

Website in order to product activate your Spray and Cream. Place your OPTIMA Cream and Spray in front of your computer, iphone or laptop speakers and play the MINDVIBE Digital File to those products for a minimum of 30 Minutes. After 30 minutes your cream and spray will be ready to use.

STEP 2: Massage 1/16 to 1/8 tsp of the Optima Cream into each foot, hand, ears bilaterally once a day. The entire foot and hand should be covered with a very thin film of the cream. Massage the cream in between the toes and fingers and around each nail bed and cuticles. Cover the entire ankle and wrists. Massage the cream deep into the ear canal and both back and front side of the ear. Be sure to massage it into the lobe and all of the nooks and crannies of the ear including the rim of the entire ear and lobe.

STEP 3: (optional but recommended for maximum results)Wait 15 minutes after cream application then use a BodyVibe machine to vibrate and massage the cream into each body part bare-footed, bare-handed and bare-eared. The Feet and Hands should be BodyVibed for 2.5 Minutes each at the highest setting depending on the machine that is owned. The Ear should be BodyVibe for 30 seconds each. Every time the cream is applied the vibration therapy should be employed  for maxium absorbtion and effect. The genitals and perineum can be vibrated by sitting on the BodyVibe Machine for 1 minute only at the highest setting depending on the machine that is owned. The Eyes, including the 3Rd eye, can be vibrated by using a FACEVIBE CUSHION for 30 seconds only.

STEP 4: Spray One to Three sprays of the OPTIMA Food Spray over all food, drinks, supplements, western drugs, lotions, toothpaste or other compounds, topicals or inhalable–injectable materials. If the drug is contained within a plastic container, such as, a syringe or pen, then simply spray the plastic container on the outside with the Optima Spray and wait 5 minutes before using. Everything in the Universe, including western drugs, foods and supplements, are vibrating and are both receiving and emitting frequencies. The Optima Spray is emitting frequencies that can penetrate through the plastic but it takes a little bit longer than compared to just spraying the food/drinks which only requires a 2 minute time delay before full effect from the optima spray is achieved. Do this every time the drug is used because the SPIN nature of the compound will return to its previous rotational state within 6 to 12 hours after it was sprayed.

Advanced Applications


For Facial Rejuvenation and Wrinkle reduction–removal purposes the OPTIMA cream can be applied to the face, eyelids and neck in the morning or night time prior to bed. Massage 1/8 to 1/4 tsp of the Optima Cream into Face, including the 3rd eye and eyelids. Massage the cream into both external eyelids, eye brows and medial and lateral canthus sections and all areas around the eye lids and eyeball area. Do not apply to the inner sclera (whites of the eye) or actual eyeball itself. The third eye should only be lightly massaged in a clockwise fashion two to three times a day for the first 3 days, then once a day thereafter.                         



Genital Dysfunctions (i.e. Erectile Dysfunctions, Vaginal Pain, Rectal, Bladder, Uterine or Vaginal Prolaspe, Bladder Incontinence, etc.) Massage 1/8 to 1/4 tsp of the Optima Cream into the following pelvic locations - Genitals (Penis and External Vagina), Rectum and Perineum once a day. The perineum is the section of the pelvic floor between the genital and the anus.


Tympanic Membrane

In cases of advanced or terminal disease or pain syndromes apply the OPTIMA cream to the tympanic membrane two to three times a day until the condition is resolved or fully healed, if possible or as needed for pain relief. The Holographic image of the person is projected into the frontal lobe of the brain and the tympanic membrane is directly connected to the frontal lobe so that direct information and code repair and balancing can be rapidly effected bypassing mediation through the other homunculi of the body which occurs at slower speeds of meridian communication.

Dap the cue tip into the cream jar and then insert into the external ear canal all the way until it lightly touches the tympanic membrane. Rotate the cue tip in all directions (i.e. 360 degrees of full rotation) and attempt to apply onto all sides of the external ear canal around and in front of the tympanic membrane including the tympanic membrane itself.     

Scalp, Neck, Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar Spine, Hips , Shoulders, Elbows, Knees or other local areas of Pain, Symptom, Condition, Wound or Issues

The OPTIMA CREAM can be used locally for symptomatic relief of pain or other issues including open wounds, burns, and skin discoloration, acne, etc. The product may cause a burning sensation, tingling or mild pain reaction temporarily, if applied to open skin lesions, burns or wounds. If being used for hair loss rejuvenation and restoration or re-coloring of the hair or skin, then topical application to those areas of hair or color loss works optimally.  The cream can be applied directly to the spine, back, knees, elbows, shoulders or other orthopedic injuries for pain relief, joint healing and connective tissue rejuvenation.


The cream and spray can be used for dogs, cats, horses, birds and other terrestrial and aquatic animals. Paws, hooves or claws can be used to replace feet and hands as used in humans or other primates. The optima spray can be added directly to the aquarium water or water bowel inside of the aquarium for fishes, reptiles or other aquatic life forms, if the cream cannot be applied topically.

Advanced Diamond Sun Center Application

Eastern medicine views the human body as an organic whole. As such, the various parts of the body are inseparable in structure; individual organ functions are related to and influenced by the function of other organs, the mind, physical actions and the environment. Nothing is viewed as separate. Although many Westerners have difficulty grasping TCM’s strange vocabulary, its techniques are of great benefit.

Jing: Fundamental Essence

In terms of TCM, jing is a fundamental material of the human body and the material basis for various physiological functions of the body. Within this category there are two types of essence: the congenital or innate essence and the acquired essence.

The congenital essence is inherited from your parents and is stored in the kidney. Congenital essence, also known as prenatal essence or reproductive essence, promotes the growth, development, maturity and reproduction of the body. On the other hand, you develop acquired essence through the functions of your organs and from your diet.

Qi: The Life Force

In TCM, qi derives from the basic particles that constitute the universe and produce everything in the world through their movements and changes. Qi in its physiological sense refers to the motive force or energy (produced by the basic particles) required for the body’s functional processes.

The most common sources of disease, health decline, aging and loss of sex organ function or atrophy, including breast atrophy, are problems derived from these situations:

  • Too Much Sex: Having too much sex wears down the kidneys and drains the body of its life-essence (semen). When this happens, the body’s ability to repair itself and recharge its battery greatly declines or entirely vanishes.

  • Decline of Kidney Yang: According to Chinese medicine, the kidneys store the essence of life known as jing. By storing essence, the kidneys control the reproductive system, growth and development. A decline of kidney yang shows up as fatigue, low back pain, weakness of knees and low libido.

  • Blood Stagnation: Blood stagnation is caused by poor circulation of blood, which itself is linked to deficiency or stagnation of qi or an excess of cold or heat in the blood system. When the vital energy is deficient or stagnant, it is unable to properly propel the blood through the body. When cold enters the body, it constricts the channels and impedes blood circulation. Impeded blood circulation leads to an inability of the penis to become erect.

  • Qi, Blood and Yang Deficiency: Deficiencies in qi, the vital life force, may occur simultaneously with a deficiency of blood, the fluid that carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Along with these, a lack of yang, the male and active aspects of the body system, renders sexual function very difficult for a man. Little life force, blood or active energy means little desire for sex, the inability to become aroused or erect and an inability to stay erect or even to orgasm.

  • Anxiety: Too much worry and obsessive thinking impairs the heart and spleen which, in TCM terms, leads to deficiency of the Thoroughfare Vessel which runs through the genitals. Deficiency in this meridian channel makes it difficult to become erect, stay erect or have an orgasm.

  • Damp Heat: When dampness and heat enter the body and infiltrate the body’s channels, they increase the blood temperature, thereby “rendering it down” and obstructing the free flow of blood. Damp heat in the liver and kidneys leads to flaccidity of the penis and loss of orgasmic responsiveness in both sexes.

For 100% HoloGraphic body reflexology point coverage and maximum HoloGraphic Image Singularity for both men and women applying the cream to the genitals (penis, testicles, perineum and external vagina including clitoris, internal vaginal canal and labiums, cervix and perineum) is the highest form of OPTIMA CREAM application called the Diamond Sun Center application. The perineum is the section of the pelvic floor between the genitals and the anus.             

Sexual Intercourse

The optimum time to use the Diamond Sun approach is either prior to or immediately after intercourse, preferably with mutual orgasm, and then continued for 1 day after sex. It’s best to apply the cream to the male genitals and only to the external female genitals, if intercourse is to be performed, as the male genital will introduce the cream into the internal female genital cavity and cervix directly. If partner-less sex is performed then application would be onto the stimulatory device or dildo for internal female OPTIMA cream application. If oral sex is included then using the OPTIMA Spray inside the mouth of the applicant prior to the sexual encounter is the best method for Diamond Sun Center activation and OPTIMA SPRAY use.

Manual stimulation or masturbation is a secondary means to activate the Diamond Sun Centers of the body, if the person is single or if a partner is not available or desired. In addition to the genital and perineal application of the cream or spray via the mouth, applying the cream to the 3rd EYE and anatomical EYES externally is a mandatory part of the process for full Diamond Sun application.  If the Diamond Sun Center process is utilized, then application to the feet, hands and ears would not be required on those days. The cream’s maximum effect on the Diamond Sun body sections needs to be emphasized and applying the cream to the hands, feet and ears reallocates the focus of the healing process which is not required or desired.

This advanced application of the OPTIMA Cream and Spray is the most powerful use of the product providing maximum body optimization and healing effects since the DNA CODE is predominantly stored in the Sperm and Eggs in those locations and reproduction is facilitated via those organs. It should only be used once to twice a week at maximum. The second day application after the sex day only includes Diamond Sun Center body parts and does not include the hands, feet or ears. On the other days of the week, the hands, feet and ears are the only body parts the cream would be applied to, therefore, the genitals, eyes and 3rd eye would not require cream application on those days.

What IS DNA Activation?

You’ll need some basic background info and context to understand what DNA activation really is.

Over the last 40 years or so (depending on your point of view), the scientific arena of epigenetics has allowed our understanding of human biology to leap forward.

In fact, since the early 1940s, a microbiological framework for understanding the power of suggestion, intention, and belief has been developing (now known as epigenetics).

Simply put, epigenetics is the field of study of how the “environment” – including our personal psychological terrain – influences gene expression.

So how much does environment affect our genetics? Turns out quite a lot!

It’s now estimated that 95% or more of disease is driven environmentally rather than by heredity. This is great news because it puts us in the driver’s seat to create our health.

In other words, lifestyle circumstances and choices are the prime determinants of health – things like nutrition, stress, air quality, sleep, light/dark, mood changes, xenoestrogens, sex partners… on and on the list goes! It all influences gene expression, how our DNA functions.

So our genes are, overall, highly malleable. We can exploit this “geno-plasticity” to garner health benefits and even help deepen our psycho-spiritual progression.

Can We Talk to Our DNA?

As you probably know, the vast majority of our DNA “text” is not used in the coding of proteins and enzymes—it is “non-coding”—and scientists initially dubbed it “junk DNA”.

How much of our DNA is “junk”? About 95–99 per cent.

We now know that a large portion of that “junk” DNA is made up of mobile genetic elements or, “jumping genes,” in layman’s terms.

Through the principles of epigenetics, these mobile elements can rewrite and activate—or deactivate—certain genetic codes.

So, what is DNA activation?

DNA activation is the process of intentionally altering your DNA’s expression to enhance your consciousness, health, spiritual connection, and even the entire tapestry of your life (when it’s done “right”).

Let me help paint the picture of how this looks.

“Jumping DNA” possibly makes up as much as half of our total DNA.

Another major portion is comprised of variable-number, tandemly repeating sequences known as “satellite DNA”.

Dr William Brown believes that through specific configurations, satellite DNA interfaces with the so-called “morphic field” – what I conceptualize as the different levels or layers of our mind/auric field.

Think of your morphic field as a psychometric and ener-genetic patterning of the fabric of space-time, if that helps.

Different DNA expressions have specific vibrational resonances within the morphic field, and can therefore, tune into different information programs. Each of us tunes into a distinct and unique morphogenetic pattern, as we all have utterly unique DNA expression.

DNA can be thought of as somewhat like a tuning fork that resonates to different energies/frequencies.

Fine-tuned interaction between our “tuning fork” DNA and the so-called “quantum vacuum” may deepen and enhance our conscious experience. 

Think of it this way: the more coherent/love/bliss energy we can INTENTIONALLY pump into our cells and DNA, the more expanded, deeper, and “coherent” our consciousness gets. This is the essence of the idea behind DNA activation – but there’s more……

Your DNA Is a Form of Text – DNA activation and the Linguistic Connection

In the 1990s, a team of Russian linguists led by Dr Peter Gariaev discovered that the genetic code in “junk” DNA follows uniform grammar and usage rules almost identical to those of human language.

This ground-breaking research followed Jeff Delrow’s discovery in 1990 that the four nucleotides (A, T, G and C) of DNA form fractal structures closely related to human speech patterns.

Within junk DNA segments, scientists have found large numbers of “endlessly repeated sequences with no apparent meaning, and even palindromes, which are words or sentences which can be read in either direction.”1

Then, in 2014 scientists at the Wyoming Institute of Technology, working with linguists and philologists from Bob Jones University (BJU) in South Carolina, made more linguistic breakthroughs. The scientists at BJU discovered that the language in the “junk” was indistinguishable from ancient Aramaic, and parts of the script it contained were at times close in composition to verse found in the Bible—and even contained direct Biblical quotes.

Understanding 12 Strand DNA Activation

A lot of “odd” information has been coming through the “collective consciousness” over the last two or three decades, largely via channelers, but also people working in hypnotic regression and other areas.

The crux of it is the recurring theme of a multi-stranded DNA “template” that includes and extends beyond our physical double-helix. The most commonly mentioned one appears to be the 12-stranded template. Consulting with “intelligent space”/aether/source/akashic field, etc., suggests to me thus far that the 12-stranded template is a legitimate piece of information—but it needs some clarification.

Dolores Cannon is one investigator who stumbled on this information during a regression session with a client (detailed in The Three Waves of Volunteers), who spontaneously started talking about how humans were originally designed with a 12-strand template (which was subsequently shut down by the higher-dimensional designers because we were not evolving in a balanced way).

Another book is Voyagers by Ashayana Deane, a non-channeled work of considerable complexity and detail (resulting from years of direct contact with interdimensional/otherworldly beings), which speaks a lot about the 12-strand template “Angelic Human” and also the “Earth Human” version, along with the many-stranded Indigo templates. (It also addresses a “deviant” 11-strand template for those who are not “of the light,” so to speak. Keep a large grain of salt handy if you go down this path.)

Other books enunciating the 12-stranded DNA theme include Hanneke Jennings’ Preparing for Full Consciousness (another channeled work), We Are the Nibiruans by Jelaila Starr, Kryon – The Twelve Layers of DNA by Lee Carroll, and probably a couple of others that escape my recollection.

Obviously this theme has emerged within our consciousness with a purpose/reason at this epochal transitional time. We are remembering more of what we are, and not only that, but awakening to systematic and effective ways of beginning to access that.

It isn’t enough just to believe or know that you have a multi-stranded many-dimensional DNA template. Knowing alone isn’t enough to bring it into full activity, and, as previously stated, initial awakening experiences are only the beginning of reclaiming your personal power and sovereignty. This is clearly serious transformational work, aimed at evolving or “re-membering” individuals with the rest of themselves, reconnecting to parts of ourselves we have forgotten.

What exactly does 12 strand DNA activation mean?

A “normal” human is only meant to have 2 strands of DNA—where do the other 10 come from? In Barbara Marciniak’s popular channelled work The Pleiadian Agenda, the intelligence speaking through her shares some interesting tidbits regarding the “missing” ten strands.

Spoiler: they aren’t physical strands.

The Pleiadians on “12 strand DNA activation”:

  • Original humans had 12 strands of DNA—contributed by different civilizations

  • 300,000 years ago “creator gods” (reptilians) genetically downgraded humans to 2 strands of DNA and began a reign of fear and manipulation from 4D/fourth density (also referred to as the lower astral).

  • The other 10 strands—light encoded filaments—were left disconnected/“unplugged”

  • The “Original Planners” called on the “Family of Light” to incarnate into the Earth system’s human bodies and bring light/information back into it

  • Their goal: re-bundle and reconnect the disabled 10 light-encoded filaments

  • The “Family of Light” is incarnating in large numbers now while planet’s frequency matrix is shifting (supported by the work of Cannon and others)

  • During this time of transition we can reclaim our multi-dimensional heritage

They further said: “The task you have before you is to consciously command, intend, and will the evolvement of your DNA,” and, “The light-encoded filaments carry the language of light geometry, which carries the stories of who you are.”

And, for a grand theatrical touch: “It is the age when humanity physically mutates before your eyes and literally turns into…multidimensional beings.”

There may be some basis for this idea,  DNA has been discovered to be a most interesting piece of microbiological hardware over the last 30 years. Pioneering research by the likes of Dr Peter Gariaev and others, has led us to understand that DNA utilizes sound and light to both store information and transmit messages/information. It can translate sound into light and vice versa.

It isn’t that large of a conceptual leap to speculate that our physical DNA structure has corresponding energetic superstructures or harmonic overtones—like the way that our physical bodies are immersed in a vibrational matrix or energy body called the etheric (and astral, mental, etc.). Maybe a simpler analogy is the way a magnet is surrounded by its invisible magnetic field.

Everything physical has a less physical counterpart. What is a magnet without its magnetic field?

Metagenetics and DNA Activation

The emerging science of metagenetics, writes Sol Luckman, “famously substantiated and applied through the work of Peter Gariaev in wave-genetics, understands that potential DNA constitutes the biological organism’s interface with a hyperdimensional ‘lifewave.’ The life-wave…is responsible for giving rise to a particular physical species or individual identity in space-time by nonlocally directing the activity of the three percent of coding DNA to build species-specific, individualized bodies.”

In Luckman’s model, non-coding/potential DNA “constitutes the hyperdimensional interface between the sound and light domains.” DNA, in fact, is a “quantum antenna,” our biological bridge to the “unified field,” the sub-quantum nonlocal realm of infinite information and endless potential energy. The “godhead” and ground of reality itself.

Luckman adds: “We now are in a position to replace both the Primacy of DNA and the Primacy of Environment [epigenetics] with…the Primacy of Consciousness.” Metagenetics, in other words.  

So to sum up the reasoning that we are using the Optima Cream and Spray and why we are placing it on our genitals before and after sex is because the Optima Cream and Spray re-activates a person’s 12 Stranded, and higher, DNA potential. It’s reconnecting a person to their higher light encoded filaments (LEDs) which plugs them back into their source code divine image hologram.

The re-activation of one’s multi-stranded DNA via the OPTIMA LIFEWAVE CREAM and SPRAY essentially creates the Quantum Antenna necessary for the information contained in this Hologram to be fully downloaded at the correct “Faster than Light” speeds. If Faster than light wave speeds are not achieved then the full data set of information necessary to create and run the human body will not fully download causing aging, death and disease to occur.

It’s no different than if one was to download a Netflix movie that contained 100 GB of information. At dial–up modem speeds of 1.296 mb per minute (see it would take 77,160 minutes or 53 days to download the movie. At 1 GB per second it only takes 100 seconds or a little over a minute and half to down the movie.

This is why we need our DNA multi-stranded Quantum antennas so that we can download the 10100 Terrabytes of Human Holographic Code (HoloCode) fast enough so that our physical anatomical body doesn’t die or become dis-eased before the full code can be re-downloaded after birth. Ten to the 100 power is called a Googol and is the source from where Google derived its namesake (

If a person only has a Double Stranded DNA their Quantum Antenna is going slower than the speed of light and the corresponding rate of HoloCode download would be about as slow as a dial-up modem. This explanation provides the full understanding for what we call disease, illness and ultimately death.

The orgasmic response from sex is our brains receiving faster than light holocode information for a brief few moments in time. It’s when our consciousness merges either in physical form with another person or creates the fantastical thought patterns in our minds to duplicate that state of ecstasy necessary to induce an orgasmic response.  It’s a vestigial remnant of our past connectivity when we had our full multi-stranded DNA capabilities intact. That’s all that an orgasm actually is. It’s a COX Gigablast cable connection to our full holographic higher dimensional faster than the speed of light selves.



March 22, 2024

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January 22, 2024

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