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MINDVIBE FEMALE LEVEL 8 - Age 80 to 89 years

MINDVIBE FEMALE LEVEL 8 - Age 80 to 89 years

The MINDVIBE CD contains all of the frequencies necessary to create an entire FEMALE or an entire MALE body.


Every hormone, endocrine gland, body organ and human cellular tissue frequency was used to create the Male or Female MINDVIBE CD.


This includes penis, testicle and testosterone frequencies for men on the CD and vagina, ovary and estrogen frequencies for women on their respective Female CD.


So if this CD is listened to when vibrating on the Bodyvibe machine it creates a sonic holographic template of the HUMAN MALE OR FEMALE BODY within the Higgs Field which is then filled in using the Higgs Bosonic frequencies found in the OPTIMA CREAM.


Once a person has their perfected Holographic body blueprint downloaded via the HoloScan or uploaded via the MINDVIBE into the Higgs field and every frequency and molecular particle is present in that field from the cream, the body can materialize into physical body form just like what happens during Star Trek Transporter operation.


Also, the MINDVIBE CD is used to manage neuroplastic resistance in the human or animal brain which is dependent on the age of the end-user.


In other words, the older the patient the more neuroplastic resistance exists in their brains.


This means their brain is more rigid and less malleable to the healing changes induced by the Optima cream and Optima spray compared to a younger end-user.


The MIND VIBE CD reduces neuroplastic resistance and age equalizes or equilibrates the end-user's brain to a much younger neuroplastic age potential.


This means their brains can break old unhealthy neuronal connections much better and faster and re-establish new healthier neuronal connections better and faster.


As a result of the above information, there are actually levels of the MINDVIBE CD for the various age ranges and gender types as shown below:


The MINDVIBE CD can be listened to directly using headsets for 15 to 30 minutes per day or as an alternative there is a simpler way to imprint the CODE found in the CD directly into the Optima Cream and Spray.


The MINDVIBE CD benefits include:


Faster healing from the Cream and Spray

Less Detoxification reactions

More rapid processing of surfacing disease layers

Deeper sleep

Better brain functioning on all levels

Balanced Hormones for both Men and Women - (Balanced means if the hormone is low then it becomes higher to reach optimized levels or if too high, it becomes lower to reach optimized levels)


Obviously, MINDVIBE Levels above 10 are rarely used by only a very small segment of the population.


The reason I am making them available is for our furry friends that reach their teenage years which when translated into human years is about 5 to 7 times greater.


The average dog that reaches 17 years of age (or higher) is actually around 119 years old and would require MINDVIBE LEVEL 11.

Only a handful of human reach that age and are known as Supercentenarians so mainly animals would benefit from MINDVIBES above 11.


The cream and spray do stand alone on their own very well but when the correct gender and age appropriate MINDVIBE CD LEVEL is incorporated the effects are faster, deeper and more rapidly aesthetically rejuvenating.


All of the MINDVIBE levels for both Men and Women are available to download via the myairbridge link below so that you can imprint your creams and sprays to enhance the overall efficacy of the HoloMed treatments and the effects of the BodyVibe Platform!


Once you imprint the cream with the MindVibe age specific CD please apply the cream to both hands and feet for added benefit

The healing benefit are 65% from the feet and 35% from the hands.

Of course, all of this healing potential of the HoloMed System applies to animals of all kinds too.




Place the Optima Cream and Spray on top of your laptop keyboard area or in front of your desktop speakers or even lean your iPhone against the jar or bottle and then play the age and gender appropriate level of the MINDVIBE CD to the cream jar and spray bottle for a minimum of 30 minutes.


The cream and liquid will absorb or become imprinted with the CODE from the user specific MINDVIBE CD and every time they apply the cream to their feet or spray their food they will receive the benefits of the MINDVIBE CD.



The glass used for packaging of the Optima Cream and Spray helps to transmit the frequencies being emitted by the MINDVIBE CD and is the main reason why glass needs to be used for the OPTIMA products.


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