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HoloMed Optima Reflexology
Cream uses an advanced spectrum of

botanical extracts, super-nutrients, 

herbs, essential oils and super-foods,

combined with full spectrum hemp

extract, that is applied to the various

reflexology centers on the body, also

known as homunculi. These homunculi      

are located on the hands, feet, ears, face,

scalp and genitals. They represent a

complete image of the entire body with

all of its internal and external life systems

being fully connected via meridian channels to             

these sites and energy points.


These topical surface locations and

meridian connections form the basic

underlying mechanism of healing action

used by the ancient, alternative medical                  

system of Chinese acupuncture. A more

modern system called Reflexology, also        

known as zone therapy, which maps the           

entire body into "reflexes" on the feet, hands and

ears also utilizes these energy–meridian

centers as the basis of its treatment

mechanism of action.


The cream’s application to those areas

induces a balancing, resetting, and                          

frequency restorative effect to those

energy centers which enhances overall

body function by improving physiological,

anatomical and organ-glandular energy

metabolism. Over time complete body

system optimization, rejuvenation and

regeneration can be restored.


The cream is not treating disease but

rather is restoring the underlying body

“Cymatic” energy blueprint or template

that forms the basic holographic

photonic-acoustic-vibrational code

from which all life is dependent upon for

it’s 3D physical emergence and form.


The cream and spray can be used for dogs,

cats, horses, birds and other terrestrial

and aquatic animals. Paws, hooves or

claws can be used to replace feet and hands

in humans or other primates. The optima

spray can be added directly to the aquarium

water or water bowel inside of the aquarium

for fishes, reptiles or other aquatic life

forms, if the cream cannot be applied



For more information regarding Cymatics

and HoloGraphic Medicine please go to: .


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